Conservative Progress Brexit Survey and The Daily Express

Last month, Conservative Progress ran a survey targeting members of the Conservative Party in an attempt to better understand their vision for a post-Brexit Britain. We were inundated with responses, and the results were certainly interested, and somewhat more marked than we expected.

In a survey of 261 self-described Conservative Party members, over 60% of respondents and 80% of Leave voters were found to favour leaving the single market.

Surprisingly, when asked about the single most important outcome of leaving the EU, the most popular response given was ‘the ability of the UK government to negotiate its own trade deals’, trumping likely favourites such as ‘greater sovereignty’ and ‘control of immigration’.

The Daily Express picked up the results of the survey, and ran a detailed story on the day of Theresa May’s big Brexit speech.

In that article, I was quoted as follows:

Nabil Najjar, director of Conservative Progress said: “These results show a significant preference among Conservative Party members, both leave and remain, to leave the single market, and this, coupled with the clear desire to see Britain set its own trade deals should give Theresa May and her government the confidence to be bold in their negotiations and back our country to succeed outside the single market.”

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